Webinar ‘Towards Quality and Affordable Childcare for all in Indonesia’

About the webinar:
‘Quality childcare’, or the care and supervision of a child or multiple children, has clear economic benefits to women, children, families, and society. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed and exacerbated long-standing problems associated with inequalities in the division of unpaid work. An inclusive recovery will require investment in more, affordable, and quality nonparental childcare. Multiple efforts are underway to address this gap. This two-day webinar brought together Government of Indonesia representatives with experts from around the world. Participants shared efforts underway in Indonesia, learned about global and peer country experiences of public policy for childcare, and identified lessons and priorities for Indonesia.

  • Speakers:
  • Day 1: Indonesia and Global Perspective

    • Ayu Sukorini, S.E., M.A. (Secretary of the Fiscal Policy Agency, Ministry of Finance)
    • Tim Stapleton (Minister Counsellor – Economic, Investment and Infrastructure, Australian Embassy, Jakarta)
    • Samantha Hung (Chief of Gender Equality Thematic Group, The Asian Development Bank)
    • Ir. Yosi Diani Tresna, MPM (Associate Planner/Coordinator for Child Protection, Directorate of Family, Women, Children, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Planning/National Development Planning Agency)
    • Eko Novi Ariyanti R.D., M.Sim (Assistant Deputy for the Increase of Participation of Professional Institutions and the Business World, Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection)
    • Kate Shanahan (Senior Social Development Specialist, The World Bank, Indonesia)
    • Deepta Chopra (Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex)
    • Chris Clarke (Economist, Child Well-Being Unit, The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD))

    Day 2: Country and Regional Perspective

    • Chris Hogan (Director, Transfer Payments and Childcare, Social Policy Division, Fiscal Group, Australian Treasury)
    • Sudeshna Sengupta (Independent Researcher from India)
    • Valeria Esquivel (The International Labour Organization (ILO), Geneva)
    • Dr. Muhammad Hasbi (Director of Early Childhood Education, Ministry of Education and Culture)
    • Maya Juwita (Executive Director, Indonesia Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (IBCWE))
    • Anita Neville (Senior Vice President, Golden Agri-Resources (GAR))
    • Katja Freiwald (Regional Programme Manager, WeEmpowerAsia, UN Women Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific)
    • Vincent Somville (Associate Professor, NHH Norwegian School of Economics)
    • Dewi Meisari (UKMIndonesia.id)
    • Wiwiek Tri Wulandari (teacher at ECEC in Jakarta)
    • Dian Ekowati (mother of two young children, PhD student at University of Brighton, researching gender and care economy)
  • Brief:
  • Policy For Childcare In Indonesia: Bringing together the pieces of the puzzle and filling the gaps (here)

  • Video:
  • Video showcasing voices of integrated childcare-preschool administrator, caregiver, woman care user (PAUD and Daycare Bocah Pintar, Central Java) (here)

    Time: 14 and 15 October 2021

    Bimbika Sijapati Basnett (Head of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, Prospera) bimbika.sbasnett@prospera.or.id

    Keiko Nowacka (Senior Social Development Specialist, Gender and Development, Asian Development Bank) knowacka@adb.org