Indonesia Presiden Joko Widodo delivered his first speech yesterday since being re-elected, and laid out his vision for second term, which will see the government shift the focus from infrastructure development to building up the quality of human resources in the country.

“That’s our orientation and we must focus on that,” he said in his speech titled “Indonesia’s vision”, which was broadcast live by local television stations from Sentul International Convention Centre in Bogor, West Java.

But he said the government will change the flagship programme to human resource development, a promise he made when campaigning ahead of the presidential election in April.

“We want to put our priority on human resources development. Human resources development will be key to Indonesia’s future,” he said, adding that national talent management bodies will be set up and support for highly talented Indonesian diaspora will be provided.

Infrastructure spending and human capital spending. From Infra to Education – shifting priorities

Education Spending
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Infrastructure Spending
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