Prospera has contributed to a report, The social and economic impact of Covid-19 on households in Indonesia: A second round of surveys in 2022, which provides a comprehensive look at how Indonesian households have coped with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The report was published in August 2022 by UNICEF, UNDP, Prospera and the SMERU Research Institute – with advice and support from the Ministry of Finance and Statistics Indonesia (BPS) – which since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic have collaborated to appraise the socioeconomic impact of Covid.

A first household survey – the largest on the impacts of Covid in Indonesia – was conducted between October and November 2020. It included more than 12,000 nationally representative households from all 34 provinces.

This report is the result of a follow-up survey conducted between February and March 2022 at the request of the Indonesian Ministry of Finance and with inputs from a wide range of government partners. They survey captured panel and longitudinal data from many of the same households and nearly 90% surveyed in 2020 responded.

There is a focus on children, women, people with disability and communities in vulnerable positions and findings cover the benefits and gaps in social protection programs, as well as ongoing impacts on children and working-age household members.  The report also offers policy guidance for inclusive recovery and resilience amid ongoing uncertainty.