A partnership for prosperity

Prospera builds on two decades of Australian support for strong, sustainable and inclusive economic growth in Indonesia. It implements important elements of the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.

Prospera works with around 30 Indonesian government agencies, providing them with evidence on which to base policy. Prospera advice helps to improve government spending and revenue, markets, the financial sector, transport, and public-sector institutions in Indonesia.

Prospera combines advisers who have extensive knowledge of Indonesia, with those who have experience in the Australian public service or emerging markets.

Prospera is a grant-funded partnership between Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Indonesia’s Coordinating Ministry for the Economy. The program is delivered by Cardno, an Australian professional services company.

Work areas

Shared economic opportunities

Prospera believes that a close economic partnership between Australia and Indonesia boosts prosperity by creating opportunities from which the people of both countries can benefit.

Merchandise trade between the two economies is worth more than A$10 billion a year. In 2017 Indonesian exports to Australia totalled A$4.2 billion, including crude oil, wood, clothes, electrical equipment, and paper.

Australia is a major investor in Indonesia’s economy, creating jobs, business opportunities and transferring skills. In 2017 Australian firms’ direct investment in Indonesia rose to A$680 million, the highest for three years.

One in four Indonesian students who study at a university overseas choose Australia. More than 20,000 Indonesian students enrolled in Australia’s world-class universities and vocational training centres in 2016-17.