Focus area

Safeguarding economic and financial stability

Macro policy and financial development underpin strong, sustainable and inclusive growth

Ensuring a strong, sustainable and inclusive economy

A strong macroeconomic policy framework drives economic growth and navigates risk to enable Indonesia to respond to external and sectoral developments.

Financing the transformation

Increasing financial sector depth and stability boosts intermediation, increases resilience to shocks and enables the financing needed to capitalise on emerging opportunities.

Climate and energy transition

Evidence-based climate and energy policies enable Indonesia to make a just and affordable transition to a sustainable economy.

Focus areas

Expanding markets creating jobs

A flourishing private sector that delivers quality jobs and higher productivity

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Focus areas

Improving public finances and government performance

Effective budget settings and public administration are foundational to Indonesia’s economic transition efforts

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Focus areas

Growth priorities for transformation

Prospera is focusing on policy to support a just and green transition, digitalisation, human capital and inclusion.

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