Focus area

Improving public finance and government performance

Public sector policies and systems enhance revenue, spending and government administration

Strengthening effectiveness in public administration

Institutional strengthening and ever-increasing use of data and digitalisation in government contribute to policy that enhances outcomes for Indonesians.

Generating greater government revenue

Strengthening tax policy and administration enables greater government revenues to fund public service delivery and investment to boost private sector opportunities and job creation.

Improving spending quality

Improving spending quality through effective fiscal management ensures that public investment reflects policy priorities and translates into improvements in human, physical and environmental capital across the archipelago.

Focus areas

Safeguarding economic and financial stability

Macro policy and financial development underpin stable, inclusive and sustainable growth

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Focus areas

Expanding markets creating jobs

A flourishing private sector that delivers quality jobs and higher productivity

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Focus areas

Growth priorities for transformation

Prospera is focusing on policy to support a just and green transition, digitalisation, human capital and inclusion.

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